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Order your Jaindl Grand Champion Turkey

These broad breasted birds have up to 24% more white meat than other brands
with 55% less fat and 25% fewer calories.
Jaindl “Grand Champion” Brand all natural FRESH turkeys are fed a fresh grain diet and receive No Antibiotics.
For Turkey Breast orders, we take out the Breast and Wings from our Jaindl Turkeys.

Order your Plainville Turkeys

There is a shortage of turkeys again this year. This Thanksgiving we are supplementing our Jaindl Turkeys with Plainville for any sizes we are unable to get. This is something that we cannot control but wanted to make sure ALL of our customers receive a high quality bird for Thanksgiving, that is why we chose Plainville Turkeys as our secondary choice, they have an excellent product that is comparable to the Jaindl Turkeys we carry. Thank you for you understanding of this matter and we look forward to serving you this holiday season.

Plainville Turkeys are never ever given Antibiotics, are fed a vegetarian diet and are humanely raised For more information please visit

Order your Jaindl or Plainville Turkey today!

Jaindl Turkey

Sizes Available

10 - 12 lbs @ $3.39 lb
12 - 14 lbs @ $3.39 lb 14 - 16 lbs @ $3.39 lb
16 - 18 lbs @ $3.39 lb 18 - 20 lbs @ $3.39 lb
20 - 22 lbs @ $3.39 lb 22 - 24 lbs @ $3.39 lb
24 - 26 lbs @ $3.59 lb 26 - 28 lbs @ $3.59 lb
28 - 30 lbs @ $3.59 lb 30+ lbs @ $3.59 lb

Turkey Breast [up to 16 lbs] @ $4.99 lb
Jaindl Turkey and Turkey Breast
  • Preheat at 325°
  • Remove giblets and neck from body
  • Place a tent of aluminum foil over the turkey and place in oven
  • Cook time, 15 mins per pound... Turkey Breast 25 - 30 per pound
  • 1 hour before turkey is scheduled to be done, remove aluminum foil tent and allow the turkey to brown

Our Jumbo and Colossal Shrimp are Peeled & Deveined.

Jumbo Shrimp Jumbo Shrimp Raw

This, is as good as it gets. Try these suculent shrimp and its sure to be a hit, rather its by itself or complimenting your Thanksgiving dinner.

Jumbo Shrimp
Cooked or Raw [20 - 25 count] @ $12.99 lb

Colossal Shrimp
Raw [8 - 12 count] @ 20.99 lb
Cooked [13 - 15 count] @ $20.99 lb

Fresh Oysters
Oysters contain plenty of vitamins and minerals, are low in calories and fat, and are high in protein.


Turn your Thanksgiving dinner into a taste temptation with the delicate, briney flavor of oysters. Our premium quality oysters come shucked, cleaned, and ready to use.

Oysters @ $11.99 a pint